First time Software Update on Lubuntu LTS after installation in the case of a Japanese Blogger

If users do not connect Wi-fi or E-thernet yet, they should connect Wi-fi or E-thernet their machine. It has to do software update after installation of Lubuntu desktop. I think that it is the high priority thing when Linux® desktop users. When I had done it, I used GUI tool. When users want to do software update on Lubuntu LTS, it should open GUI tool. Click to menu icon -> System tool -> Software Updater Software updater is the GUI tool of software update on Lubuntu LTS. First, when users click to Software updater, it started read repositories. Reading repositories finish it if software's update exist. the software update window is telling about each software's update. These screenshots ware taken when I was first software update on Lubuntu LTS. It is not always same software update, so software update is the most important thing. That's it. It is easy to understand what to do and use it what to do for software update.


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