Third settings on Lubuntu after installation in the case of a Japanese Blogger

I use CUI and GUI because it depends on different situation in my case. I think that most Linux® desktop users use CUI every times, but it is not to me. For example, I edit some pictures, and I use GUI such as file manager. Thus, I change setting in file manager. Lubuntu has PCMan FM, file manager, is lightweight file manager. It is comfortable to use it, but default settings is not comfortable. Therefore, I always change their settings. I will tell you about how to change them.

I opened file manager, and it expanded window. **Menu -> Accessories -> File Manager PCman FM** can open it. Next, I clicked Edit tab, and Preferences. There are 6 categories in file manager settings. I only change settings Display and Layout.

Default setting of Display was it. This default setting was not enough. Therefore, I clicked to check-box to Always show full file name and Show icons of hidden files shadowed. This settings will be more comfortable to use file manager. For instance, I sometimes open hidden files, I change some settings directly. Thus, I need both of settings. I think that this settings is recommendation for beginner Linux desktop users.

Layout setting means that when users want to use other file folders. Most of Linux desktop users use CUI such as Terminal, so if the users have already know about command in Terminal manipulation, it is fine; however, most the beginners do not know about it. If the beginners want to move file system such as USB flash memory, it might be uncomfortable. Thus, I clicked Filesystem Root, Devices, and Network.

In my opinion, most the beginners will not use Filesystem Root constantly, but if they use it, it will help them to use comfortable. I've already mentioned Devices is used USB flash memory for example. the beginners will use it constantly. Network means that if users use server in domestic such as Home-server, it will help to use file manipulation comfortable. If their settings do not show in file manager, it will be uncomfortable manipulation to the beginners. Therefore, I tell about recommendation settings.

Last settings is showing hidden files in file manager. It is easy setting. The users can right click at any empty area in file manager, and they click on Show Hidden after that hidden files appears in file manager. Why do I recommend this setting ? Because of hidden files are necessary on Linux desktop. I mean that hidden files has setting data including. For example, I use Vim, text editor, this software setting file is hidden file. When I was beginner Linux desktop user, I was confused about it. It likes "What am I doing right now? How can I set it ?". You know what it was easy if I showed hidden files. Therefore, I recommend showing hidden files.

In addition, I've also change sort files. I recommend Descending and Modification time because it is understandable which file or folders edit recently. Finally, I've created .webp animation. You can understand what I did them.


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