First settings on Lubuntu after installation in the case of a Japanese Blogger

This screenshot is that logged in Lubuntu desktop LTS version 18.04 after installation. Someone had installed it, but they might be worried how to settings on Lubuntu. I have set convenient manipulate each settings on Lubuntu. Let me explain beginner Linux® desktop users, or Lubuntu users how to do settings on Lubuntu. Please use it for your information.

I prioritized any settings on Lubuntu, so I've changed Terminal settings first. I typed Ctrl + Alt + t keyboard key binding, and it opened Terminal window. If you want to use GUI, it is in Menu -> System tools -> LXTerminal is fine. I clicked on Edit button on Terminal, and I clicked Preferences, too.

LXTerminal Preferences window was opened. I've changed Font size, Foreground color, and other settings. I clicked "Monospace Regular 10" button, and I clicked "+" button. I basically like 12 font size on Terminal. If you want to use other fonts, you can do it. If it finished selection setting and font size setting, you will click "Select" button. I clicked "Foreground" on right side "Gray color" area, and Color palette window appeared. I always prefer to use "Terminal green" color. Therefore, I clicked "+" mark on Color palette. It opened Pick a Color window, and it has already set "Gray" color. I typed color code on text-box. "#00ff00" is light green color code, so I set it. I have checked mark each setting to Allow bold font, Cursor blink, and Audible bell. I also changed Corsor style. I like underline style. These setting is style of Terminal window. I thought that Terminal front setting has completed, so I clicked Display tab. When I use Terminal, I would like to focus on it. Therefore, I wanted to hide any toolbar on Terminal. Thus, I checked mark each checkbox Hide scroll bar, Hide menu bar, Hide close button, and Hide mouse pointer. That's it. Terminal settings is completed. This screenshot explained it. I do not know that these settings is beneficial to beginner Linux desktop users. Therefore, please each settings will check them comfortable or uncomfortable to use on Terminal yourself.


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