How to install Lubuntu on PC in the case of a Japanese blogger

Lightweight Desktop Environment is more important if someone uses old PC such as low spec PC. Therefore, I have decided to use it. If you are same as my situation, it likes similar PC spec, I wish that this article will be beneficial when you will install Linux® desktop.

I have used Lubuntu LTS version every time, so I have already installed it. Thus, I tried to install Lubuntu on "USB Flash Memory" 16GB. It is same as install Linux desktop on PC. It's not fear thing. It is a piece of cake. If you want to install Linux desktop on USB Flash memory, I wish that this article will be beneficial, too.

If you have done Live booting Lubuntu, you can start to install it. Click on the icon on desktop when you want to start installation. I did delete partition on my USB flash memory. I think over 8GB memory is better. I used GParted, Partition setting software, that is easy to set or delete partition. In my opinion, if users can use GUI tools, they should use it because it is easy to understand.

After that, GParted closed window. This screenshot is Lubuntu desktop. I use LTS version 18.04.1 64bit OS. If you do not know Lubuntu, you can use it at this time. Live boot OS is able to use when the OS does not install on a machine. Lubuntu has many Lightweight software. Sometimes beginner users do not get used to them, so they might be confused. However, famous software, GIMP, and Libreoffice etc..., can install the machine after installation.

I have clicked the icon on desktop, and it started Lubuntu installation. This window is about Choosing System Language. I had already changed US keyboard my laptop PC, so I choose English. Of course, I had choose Japanese my desktop PC, too.

Keyboard layout settings is easy because it is automatic. It is same setting between selection of System Language and selection of Keyboard layout. However, sometimes it is not. For example, I chose Japanese when I set selection of System Language, but I want to choose US when I set selection of Keyboard layout. As a result, I chose US keyboard layout. It means that it was not automatically setting. Therefore, if users want to use different language between system language and keyboard layout, they should check them correctly.

I always checked Keyboard layout setting when I used text-box. Japanese common Keyboard layout is JIS keyboard. It is different keyboard layout such as US keyboard. For instance, **@, [], =, and \ are different place on keyboard**, so I checked them every time.

This settings are amount of software installation which means that if you do not need to various software, you can choose minimal installation. I chose basic installation because I do not care about them because Lightweight OS has Lightweight software, so I do not it. If you care about it, you can choose minimal installation. Moreover, download updates is convenient when you installed Lubuntu on your machine after software updates.

I have chosen Erase disk and install Lubuntu. This setting means "Clean Install". If someone try to install "Dual boot", it will be added "one sentence" in the setting window. I'm not sure that what it will be written in the setting window, so please check it if you want make "Dual boot".

This window mentioned that "Is it OK? or not?" dialog window. I have already known about it such as file system. If you are not know about it, it is O.K. to next setting. If you want to know it, please search on google, bing, or other srarch engine.

Time zone setting is semi-automatically. I had already connected the Internet, so Time zone setting was "Tokyo". However, I do not know if I do not connect the Internet, Time zone setting automatically will be correctly or not. Thus, when you setting it if time zone is not correct, you should change your current location manually.

User setting is the most important. There are 5 text-box. If you type "Your name" area, it will same letters on "Your computer's name" and "Pick a username". Therefore, I give you some advice.

I have typed my name on "Your name". "Your computer's name" and "Pick a username" was displayed automatically. I did not want use "computer's name" which I fixed it. "Computer's name" is identify if someone want to know on their network such as home network. Therefore, I have already identified by my machines, so I fixed it. "Pick a username" is very important. When I use Terminal, this setting name is always displayed. Thus, I decided to use my SNS's account username. If you have no idea making username, I recommend it.

Password setting is the most important because I do not have to forget it, I do not have to tell it, I do not have to write any papers. When I set password, I type carefully one by one. It is also that I made "Strong password". It is very important and I recommend it. It is in my opinion.

This window is starting installation, so it will wait to end of installation. While users wait it, PC's display might be power-off. It means that is "Power-Save". If it is taking place, you move a mouse or a trackpad. After that display will comeback.

This window mentioned that installation of Lubuntu is completed. I put "Restart Now" button. Reboot will start a few minutes later. Then, "Remove install media" notice will be shown, so take care of remove install media and put on Enter key.

That's it. It's not difficult. It's easy. Linux desktop is easy to install. Therefore, if you are interested in Linux desktop, let's try it.


Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.