How to install Linux desktop on PC before in the case of a Japanese blogger

"How to install Linux®?" or "How to install Linux desktop?" are common question to before becoming Linux users or Linux desktop users. I've already installed and used Linux desktop on my PC. I will tell them about "How to install Linux desktop".

I have already write about Less than 30 min install Linux Desktop, but I will write more details about "How to install Linux desktop".

Before I tell it, there are several recommendation of installing Linux desktop.

First, I recommend "Clean Install" Linux desktop. If you use other OS, I recommend changing new HDD or SSD. I do not recommend "Dual boot" installation. I know that it is useful for someone, but here is question. "If booting issue is taking place on my PC, will I fix it ?" I've already done, and I have experienced about several times. This is the most of annoying thing. Thus, I recommend "Clean Install" Linux desktop.

Second, you have already download Linux desktop .iso file and created install media. You have already changed Bootloader priority on BIOS or UEFI. You have already booted Live Linux desktop. I know that it is difficult thing about install Linux desktop; however, there is important thing about using Linux. If you do not know how to fix or how to setting on Linux, you should search and find solution by yourself. I cannot explain you about changing Bootloader priority because each PC is different manipulation.

Third, I will tell you Installing Linux desktop about Ubuntu Linux distributions. I have already installed and used Lubuntu on my PC. It is the best of lightweight Linux desktop in my opinion. Thus, it's up to you choose Linux distribution.

Finally, I have already installed and used Linux desktop for about over 5 years above. I can tell you about Linux desktop can ...

  1. Use the latest trend Web Browser.
  2. Save smartphone data such as Pictures on Android smartphone.
  3. Create Website. It likes this website.

If you have old PC, expired OS support, or no longer used PC, I think that install Linux desktop is better to re-used them. Here is screenshot about Lubuntu desktop. I will tell you how to install Lubuntu on its PC.


Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.