Less than 30 min install Linux Desktop

I introduce about how to install Linux® desktop on PC, but it is little bit different way. I will just tell you what I did how to install Linux desktop on my PC. Thus, if you are interested in about it, please read below.

First of all, you should create install media which means Linux desktop image. You had chosen Linux distribution, and you should download .iso file. Creating install media depends on several ways. I recommend USB flash memory is the useful device. It is a bit different burning image software:Writing image software, so I do not tell you about it because if you use other OS, I do not know which is the best burning image software. Please search it.

*note* If you have already use Linux desktop, I recommend burning software is Xfburn. This application is lightweight and speedy writing image than other burning application.

Second, you should change bootloader. You should change first read device which is your created install image device. This setting is BIOS or UEFI, so please check it out your PC's BIOS or UEFI. You connect to the Internet and install image device on your PC when you can starting Install Linux desktop. Some of Linux distribution are Live OS, so I can use it before install Linux desktop on your PC.

Third, you have decided to install Linux desktop, and you should double-click icon on Desktop. This icon usually staring installing Linux desktop on Desktop. Here is process of installing Linux desktop.

  1. Choose system language
  2. Keyboard layout
  3. Check Network
  4. Install Option
  5. Choose Type of installation
  6. Timezone setting
  7. User settings

That's it.

Network speed and machine spec are affected by installing time. In my opinion, it estimates less than 30 min. If it is not, please check install image device. It may be broken.

In short, I do not know why someone says installing Linux desktop is difficult. I think that a few Linux distribution is difficult installation, but I think most of Linux distribution is easy installation. If you are interested in Linux desktop, please try to install it on your PC.


Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.