How to get used to PC ?

"Get used to PC" means what does mean by that ? In my opinion, it means that how to use Office suite because there are a lot of related PC school in Japan. I do not know about other country's PC culture. If it is same thing, I give you some advice "Get used to PC" while the person wants to know how to use Office suite.

Basically, I do not know why "Get used to PC" is using Office suite. Office suite has some application such as text-editor, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing. I think "Get used to PC" has other meaning. It is about "Office". Thus, someone has to know how to use them, especially, text-editor, spreadsheet, and presentation.

Someone wants to get used to PC when they go to kind school. I searched kind of school fee in Japan on the Web, but I did not find accurately about it. I think it might be expensive. Moreover, I think that it is long duration studying at about school. It is same such as driving school in Japan. Anyway, I give you first advice if someone want to get used to PC, you should install Free-Office suite.

LibreOffice is better to know how to use Office suite if you do not want to pay extra-fee such as PC school. This software is free. LibreOffice has basic office software such as Writer, Calc, Impress. They are related text-editor, spreadsheet, and presentation.

LibreOffice Writer is text-editor. If someone create a document when they use it. Before creating a document is careful, it should change page layout. For example, our country, Japan, A4 document layout is commonly 10.5 font-size, 1 line leave space, Ming-style Typeface or Gothic, and 40 letters include 1 line. On the other hand, Letter size document is in US. the letter size document rule is 12 font-size, Time-new-Roman font, and Double leave space. Therefore, it depends on own layout regulation. If someone try to use Writer, please be careful to practice document layout rules.

LibreOffice Calc is spreadsheet. I think that most of Office suite learners want to know how to use it. Nevertheless, they sometimes do not know how to study it. Here I tell you one advice. They should search "Dummy Data" while they are studying spreadsheet. When someone use spreadsheet mostly, they are work at office etc... Thus, studying spreadsheet needs many dummy data because the most of important thing in learning spreadsheet is Function.

LibreOffice impress is presentation application. I think that it is easy to create each presentation sheet, but the most important thing is how to do presentation. Thus, I think it is kind of habitual thing when someone is using presentation application. I do not know other country education style. When I was middle school student, I did not PC at School, so it was not taking place presentation lessons. I think it is culture. Anyway, if someone do not well creating presentation sheet, there are many template, so they can find it.

In my opinion, when someone want to get used to PC, they should use Office suite. I think it is first step. When someone understand getting used to PC by themselves, it is not too late going to PC school. I think it is second step.


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