What is better to improve English skills while the person is using PC

If someone learns English, I give you advice about changing system language your OS. When I tried it, it was absolutely difficult to manipulate using PC. However, I think that my English skills are getting improving as before.

Mostly, if someone is used to manipulate their PC, they might understand English on their PC. For example, when the person looks to toolbar on a application, it will be easy to know each menu such as File, Edit, View, and Selection. For me, it is same way between Japanese and English.

However, sometimes I do not understand English while I am using my PC. It is the top of bothering thing to me. It is obviously searching dictionary on the Internet. There is question. How many times do I or does someone search dictionary on the Web ? If you search a lot it, you will give up to use English on your PC. I said if I search a lot it, I think I will take some break time. Maybe I will take a nap. I give you second advice about which do you want to know English or using PC. Thus, if you change your system language on PC, you should focus on your purpose.

I have been this own experiment for several weeks. I felt that I want to change Keyboard layout. For instance, Japanese keyboard layout and English keyboard layout are different. Thus, I thought that if the keyboard layout is English, Will I get benefit to improve my English skills ? As a result, I think my English skills improved at least as before.

In short, this is my opinion, so I do not guarantee improving your English skills; however, if you want it, you should change system language your PC's OS and change your keyboard your PC. I think it will be better to achieve your purpose of English learning.


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