Five points of installing Linux desktop

Linux® desktop is easier than a person is thinking about difficult to install Linux desktop. If they do not know five points of installing Linux desktop, they can easy to install Linux desktop.

First, choosing system language setting is important to beginner Linux user. It can change system language after installing Linux desktop, but while Linux desktop is installing to machine, you should understand each settings at least meanings. Thus, choosing system language on Linux desktop is adjust your understandable language.

Second, disk partition setting is more important thing to installing Linux desktop. If you are beginner Linux desktop user, you should choose automatic partition setting is better than manual partition setting. If you do not know file system such as ext4 and fat32 etc..., you are not able to make partition setting. Moreover, there is one more important thing. You should decide bootloader which partition is. Thus, automatic partition setting is the easiest install Linux desktop.

Third, network setting is sometime confusing. Because of network device is depends on machine. Thus, if your machine's network device such as Wi-fi, you should search network driver. However, it is the most difficult thing about Linux. Thus, I recommend Linux distribution is Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, or Lubuntu because these Linux distribution can work network device mostly. If your network device is able to work, you can choose SSID and put on password. Then you can use network and the Internet.

Forth, keyboard language setting depends on user's keyboard. For example, when I use JIS keyboard, I had to choose Japanese keyboard language on Linux desktop. Because of keyboard arrangement is different between JIS keyboard and US keyboard. Thus, if I set user-password while installing Linux desktop, I have already made typo user-password. Therefore, keyboard language setting is careful thing.

Fifth, user settings is the most important setting. Usually, user settings has several items such as username and password. Sometimes user setting needs root user. This setting is that depends on Linux distribution necessary.

In short, installing Linux desktop is not afraid thing. GUI installation is understandable and easily. Therefore, you decided to use Linux desktop, your first step is [Which is the best Desktop Environment to adjust my machine ?]( "Which is the best Desktop Environment to adjust my machine ?")


Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.