What is your purpose of the using Linux desktop ?

There are many purpose or using Linux® desktop, so you can choose how to use Linux desktop. However, if you are beginner Linux user or not Linux user, you do not know how to use Linux desktop. Therefore, I suggest one way to use Linux desktop.

First, you can install many free software on Linux desktop. When a person wants to use simple text-editor, they will be able to install it such as LeafPad from software repository. When they use it, they can HTML file. Of course, it is the easiest to create HTML file:however, they usually use high-performance text-editor such as Atom editor when they will make HTML file. Thus, the person can choose any free software on Linux desktop that it does not matter what your purpose to use Linux desktop.

Second, you can install many Web browsers on Linux desktop. I think that most of people, PC users, do not want to install many Web browsers on their PC. Why does many Web browsers install advantage on Linux desktop ? For example, I've installed 4 Web browsers on my Linux desktop. The first one Web browser settings has been Cookie off and JavaScript off. The second one Web browser setting has been default settings. The third one Web browser settings has installed plugins. I usually use them depending on the situation. If you check own Website, you can use each them.

Third, you can easy to upload creating HTML files etc... on Linux desktop to your Server. There are several FTP software in Linux software repository. Some software is very popular. Thus, if you do not know how to upload any kinds of files to your own Server, you can search information on Search-engine on Web. I recommend FTP software is FileZilla if you want it.

In my opinion, Linux desktop is better to use Web. If you make own Website, you will try to use Linux desktop is the best way.


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